Superblonde, “You’re Going To Ruin This For The Rest Of Us”

Post Author: Michael Brummett

One of the great realities of music is that a band with as few as 9 followers on Soundcloud can be this good.


Superblonde is a 3-piece, NYC outfit formed in 2014, rounded out by members who have spent nearly their entire lives playing in bands. Led by Ryan Richardson on vocals and guitars, Alex Hornbake on bass, and Jason Crawford on drums.

In what truly feels like “space grunge,” their stripped-down, raw, ethereal soundscape is fluid and generates a sense of charging ahead. We don’t feel like we’ve heard this sound as well done before.


Excitedly, I found and cruised through all three of Superblonde’s EPs (all found in below links), with an incredible amount of appreciation. Intentional simplicity at its finest is found here, within “You’re Going To Ruin This For The Rest Of Us”. The same as the title of their latest EP, we have a short, but well thought out opinion on the total product.

“Rainy Day Pagan”

Certainly dreamy, and down-to-earth melodic, they leave nothing to do but float around in a starry, Microsoft XP screensaver. Even in this smooth ride, listeners are unexpectedly driven off a cliff, in a vocal climax delivered with meaningful precision.

For someone, Superblonde and any of their past or latest work may be their greatest musical stumble-upon in quite a while. 4/5.


Depending on your preferred method of listening on-the-go, Superblonde likely leaves you plenty of options to listen to their new stuff: Bandcamp is loaded, and Soundcloud has their stuff, too, the same as Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes. Keep up with their news on Facebook.