Sweeping Exits, "The Palace"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Portland, OR based glam punk band Sweeping Exits has released their new album Glitter & Blood, and they are here to be a symbol for femme and queer empowerment. Mira Glitterhound, Myrrh Crow, and Shanley Narens are just some punk vampires that like to make statements with their music and their visuals, and they definitely made one with their video for the single “The Palace”.
The video takes place where you think it would, a palace. In this palace the trio partake in vampire activities. These include drinking blood, bathing in blood, and making sure they look good while doing it. Aside from the visuals, the song chronicles a vampire letting humans into their palace, subsequently leading to their last night of being alive. Even though the humans are going to their doom, they are begging to be let into the palace. The song is very punk, with the echoing vocals and a heavy guitar presence.
Glitter & Blood is available now. For more information about Sweeping Exits, you can visit their Bandcamp and their Facebook page.