Teeth & Tongue, “Dianne”

Post Author: Emily Chu

New Zealand native (but now Melbourne based) gal Jess Cornelius is now Teeth & Tongue. Accompanied by Marc Regueiro-McKelvie on guitar, Damian Sullivan on bass, and James Harvey on drums, Teeth & Tongue have recently released their music video for their track, “Dianne”, off of their upcoming record, Give Up On Your Health. This album was written in remote Iceland, following Jess’s breakup.

The first thought I had when I started watching the video was the Jess reminded me of a crossover between Lily Allen, and Jess off of Fox’s hit show, New Girl. The scene shows the band in a girl’s bedroom, just jamming out and dancing around, and having an all around good time as they move around the room. When they’re not playing, they’re eating cereal, which I would say is an equally good time. This video is fun and energetic and full of life, as they sing a catchy tune about a girl named Dianne.

It looks like a blast to me.

Give Up On Your Health will be released in September via Dot Dash / Captured Tracks.