Tender Meat, “Steppin Out”

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Tender Meat’s Andy Fritz and Joe Coe premiere the visual out-of-body experience that is their video for “Steppin Out”, off their new album Hello World. The Minneapolis duo’s latest album for Totally Gross National Product follows up their previous releases from Moon Glyph and Night People where motherboard-made electronic audio entities invite the listener to step out of themselves for light-flashing sensations from another dimension.

In the ever-morphing CGI world of “Steppin’ Out”, Joe’s rhythmic arrangements and sequence provide a jagged playing field for Andy’s keys to zap in a synth-soaked melange of lasers and liquified keyboards. As the video flies through the digital worlds of space, futuristic cities, paw-printed beaches, underwater voyages, and more, Tender’s Meat’s music production becomes it’s own nucleic code with the computer animated assemblages created like a chemical response to the dance music designed for alternate existences. Here the imaginative extra-terrestrial electronic arts of Tender Meat are given their own digitally-crafted world to command in the “Steppin Out” video. The ’90s chic color palettes and eye-popping (and sometimes disorienting) effects take us back to the Pentium processor revolutions, where Tender Meat’s music is the DOS command entry code that holds the key to this graphical user interface of pre-rendered computer generated existences.

Tender Meat’s Hello World LP is available now from Totally Gross National Product.