The Coathangers, “Perfume”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

The Coathangers have teamed up with director Matt Odom on their latest music video, a vibrant, glistening work of art. The ladies – fondly known as Crook Kid Coathanger, Minni Coathanger, and Rusty Coathanger – star in the video, blindfolded and wandering around a variety of environments. When I say “blindfolded”, I simply mean their eyes are covered the entire time, whether it be by an actual blindfold, glittery fabric, or bubble masks to make them fit in with the underwater mural theme. I’m not sure what type of trust they had to put into people while walking with their eyes closed, but I’m ridiculously proud of them for that. As they sing “summer stole the perfume from my eyes”, they are placed with visuals commonly associated with summertime including – but certainly not limited to – all white attire, fun city murals, and beach locations.

In the brief moments during the video when the ladies are not donning some type of visual-obscuring object, their eyes are completely closed. (Until, of course, the last shot underwater.)