The Conquerors, “Wyld Time”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a music video and felt like I was transported back in time. Psychedelic pop band The Conquerors–comprised of Rory Cameron, Vince Lawhon, Jim Button, Jake Cardwell, and Quentin Schmidt–have conquered that feat with their latest music video for the title track off their upcoming album Wyld Time. Not only is this music video a personification of days past, but so is their style, which has elements of classic 60s bands like The Beatles and The Monkees. (Hey. We’re not opening this up for a debate on if The Monkees can really be referred to as “classic.” But I digress.)

The song is a quick, groovy hip-shaker from the beginning. Opening on a scene of Rory answering the phone at home to a gorgeous female on the other end, a radical storyline plays out for all to see. Distorted vocals sing “I’ve been thinking for a while / It’s a wild time to be alive / Try to get on with a smile, all the while / You’re torn apart inside” while a vampire version of Rory rides a bicycle through a dark cemetery. Flash back to scenes of the guys flirting in a park, partaking in shenanigans in abandoned buildings, and rollerskating. (On skates. Not blades.)

The main storyline is this flirtatious, unspoken relationship between Rory and that gorgeous girl, which reaches its climax when you see the female role making out with another person at a Halloween party. Watching them from the window? The vampire, who is actually Rory dressed up for Halloween, we’ve now deduced. A fly on the wall, he just can’t tear his eyes from the scene of his love interest macking on a random mummy.

Much to his dismay when random mummy turns out to be his sister, who had been clamoring for the phone in the beginning as well. So it’s a well-shot, intricately woven video with vintage aspects, but a totally modern storyline that we can all approve of. (Sorry, Rory.)

What a “Wyld Time”.

Wyld Time is out August 26th. It is available for preorder now.