The Dreebs, "My Killer"

Post Author: JP Basileo

The brooding darkness underlying all humanity has an alluring light shown upon it in NYC experimental trio The Dreebs’ new video “My Killer,” a track off their forthcoming LP Forest of a Crew (out June 1 via Ramp Local). A harmonic dinging, percussive almost, pulsates from Jordan Bernstein’s detuned guitar, opening the track like a horrific den of clock machination finding sync with itself. It’s mostly internally done, less pedal-work and more nails and other hardware stuck into the guitar itself. Shannon Sigley’s drum kit, the kickdrum pressing forth heavier than hell, is unstoppable force cruising towards immoveable object. The entire composition a rhythmic monster, culminating in each one of singer/violinist Adam Markiewicz’s short, punctuated raps landing like the footfall in a primeval dance around a cave fire.
By itself, the track evokes an unknowable evil, existent since the dawn of humans. But the visuals, directed by Larry Bovik, give a shape and a face to it, as a grimly-lit Markieweicz maniacally stares into the camera and belts his case, chanting, “I am not a killer.” Gasoline-in-water-style double exposure is strewn onto the subject, giving the look of more than one face trying to come into the spotlight. It’s simultaneously threatening and inviting, imploring a look within all of us. The full band makes an appearance as the repetitions intensify, and then cuts to black, and we’re left with a better sense of that darkness of which we are capable.