The Savage Radley, "Hammers"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

With the release of their new album Kudzo, The Savage Radley are a folksy southern rock duo ready to paint real world experiences with their music. S. Knox Montgomery (Drums) and Shaina Goodman (Vocals, Guitar) create stories with their wholesome sound, and this is reflected in the video for “Hammers”.
This visual follows a man and his conflicting feeling of struggling with living conditions and still having a good time. He seems to be struggling at his home, but when the bear suit is on he comes alive and becomes the life of the party. As the costume party rages on, he starts to take the essentials, like toilet paper, to restock his empty house.
Says Montgomery: “‘Hammers’ was written at a time when we were roommates in Murray, living in a neighborhood right off of campus. The video is a fictionalized version of a true story where I stopped at a random party on the way home from the bar and stole their toilet paper because there wasn’t any at the house.”
There is something very real about The Savage Radley’s music, and they have the visuals to match. For more information about the band and the new album, you can visit