The Soft Moon, “Want”

Playing off the pulsating low-end touch of bass and the directness of the song's title, The Soft Moon premiered a video for "Want," a single off their second full-length, Zeros. The video feels like clips from Drive and Spring Breakers in its ability to force us into a fast-paced, unraveling scene of unrestrained hedonism. "Want" follows one hoodied character through a suburban town, breaking into people's houses, mainlining shots of vodka and cocaine, and then devolving into paranoia that reaks of substance abuse. There are some naked boobs, so maybe don't watch this one at work. In fact, you might want to wait to watch it until the sun goes down, as it's not a video that espouses the harmony and joyfulness of warm weather and sunshine. It's a dark, twisted thump through the ways a twisted mind can spin.

The Soft Moon are on tour in Europe now, ending up at back in America at Austin's Psych Fest on 4/26.