The Van Allen Belt, “Afternoon Walk Of Shame”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Self-titled “melting pop” collective The Van Allen Belt – led by multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Benjamin K. Ferris with his band comprised of Tamar Kamin, Tom Altes, and Scott Taylor – is back with a new music video for their track “Afternoon Walk Of Shame”, and we’ve got the web premiere. Hilarity already ensues with the title, but then the first shot is of a man (Jackson O’Connell Barlow) with a revolver to his head. What unfolds is an intricate narrative with many different players, almost a short film in its execution. It’s entertaining, and an interesting departure from the mundanity of office work. Take a moment to enjoy the craftsmanship in “Afternoon Walk of Shame”!

Players (in order of appearance):
Benjamin Ferris – Raskolnikov
Rebecca Altes – pawnbroker Aliona Ivanova
Stephanie Thompson – Sonia
Michael Kamin – Luzhin
Victoria Plume – Katherine Ivanova
Jacob Harver – Marmaledov
Jerry Grcevich – musician performing in bar
Jackson O’Conell Barlow – Svidrigailov
Scott Taylor – Porfiry
Tamar Kamin – Dunia
Dave Mansuedo – horse-beating peasant
Erin McAuley – amused rider
Aidan McAuley – young Raskolnikov
Tom Altes – old blind man at funeral feast
Phillip Lowe – greasy clerk at funeral feast
Chris Colpo – drunken quartermaster at funeral feast
Victor Venable – funeral feast attendant
Sheldon Cotton – funeral feast attendant
Steve Grygo – funeral feast attendant
Madeliene Cambell – landlady Amalia Ivanova
Jayelle Cumberledge – crowd member
Katie New – crowd member
Bill Di Batista – crowd member
Bari Kramer – crowd member
Mike Loy – crowd member
Carly DiPaolo – crowd member
Raphael Cardamone – crowd member

Heaven On A Branch is available now. Keep up with The Ban Allen Belt here. All upcoming tour dates can be found here.