The Youngest, "Built to Last"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Chicago-based indie rock band The Youngest recently released their sophomore album, See It Through, to a list of high praise. Largely indie rock, they tend to weave in intricate and meaningful lyrics with catchy, captivating melodies and a few handfuls of soul. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the music video for their track “Built to Last” right here.
“I can talk about the script as in a story about the unity and disconnect of relationships and a metaphor for our lives as we grow through stages and change environments,” explains Hanson. “[Director of Photography] Dj and I took a few risks in the production by shooting at a higher shutter speed than the standard and also hoisting him out of a moving pick-up truck for almost every shot. It was totally a blast to make.”
Running. So quickly, as if for their lives. Two people run across different landscapes, through classrooms and auditoriums, parks, and down streets. They meet – after running an absurd distance – and the ending is left up in the air, as several scenarios are presented. Like an intricately thought out indie flick, we’re left begging for more.
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