Them Bruins, “Heading For The Harrows”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Alternative rock collective Them Bruins – comprised of Joel Griffith, Ben Woodmason, Tim Woodmason, and Jimmy Campbell – has been kicking ass and taking names in their local Melbourne since 2011. But they were ready for something bigger. Their US debut EP was just released on August 26th via Old Flame Records, and their robust sound and fun performance have been garnering them quite the attention. We’ve got the exclusive music video premiere for their single “Heading For The Harrows”, a live performance video that really highlights their energy on stage.

Set in front of a white backdrop, it allows for the audience to focus in on all of the details in their execution. About halfway through, the backdrop changes to black, and then it goes back and forth for the remainder, but the gist of the video is still the same. Watch it to be enthralled by the artful impact they are sure to have while touring.

No One Wants to Dance with Them Bruins is out now. Keep up with the guys here.