Throw Vision, “Hello Morning (Sunrise)”

Post Author: Ava Myint

Brooklyn’s experimental rock collective Throw Vision has just unveiled a new video for “Hello Morning (Sunrise)”, a track off their recently-released 7-inch Were it Will. The song begins with a repeated guitar chord and chiming keyboard over the sound of gusting winds. The gentle opening creates a physical world for the listener to stand in and pick up whatever sounds might float by. Tiff Ortiz’s dreamy vocals lend to this feeling of atmospheric bliss. The video’s striking visuals are equally as hypnotic. Working with videographer Antonia Colodro and body painter Michael Mejia, the band stitches together a flurry of images set in locations including the park and the beach. Most of the shots are presented as close-ups, representing vibrant pieces of a greater puzzle.

Regarding the video, the band shares that “because the images are abstracted, you can’t always discern exactly what was captured on camera, but you can definitely get a sense of the mood, and the spirits of the folks in front of and behind the camera.”

It’s been said that stepping away from art helps us gain a fuller, big-picture understanding, but sometimes for a deeper edification, we have to move in closer on a focal point until we’re fully immersed. That may be the best way to approach Throw Vision’s music. With “Hello Morning (Sunrise)”, they’ve created a vast world that people are compelled to explore while never reaching a complete conclusion.