Tiny Fireflies, “Ghost”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Electronic dream pop band Tiny Fireflies released The Space Between–their debut album–last November. And now we finally have a gorgeous music video to accompany one of our favorite tracks, “Ghost”. (It’s sad, but doesn’t everyone identify with it to an extent?)

The video is better than we could have imagined, presented in black and white to emphasize the emotion in the song. Imagery of vocalist Kristine Capua singing alone are layered with black silhouettes in frames, shadows dancing behind screens, flowers blooming in fast-motion, and many others. Arms crossed, Kristine insinuates that the emotions she is experiencing are leading her to shelter herself from the world, and from heartbreak. Later in the video, each of the aforementioned silhouettes become her, singing different lines from “Ghost”. She is joined by her bandmates at the end of the song, staring straight ahead as she reiterates the poignant lyrics, “You were a ghost in a bad dream.”

The song–and now the video–make you realize that time and memories are transient, and everything is up for interpretation in the flashing moments before us.

**photo by Jacob Boll

The Space Between is out now. Keep up to date on all things Tiny Fireflies on Facebook.