Tolan Shaw, “Change The World”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Singer/songwriter Tolan Shaw has done something that many of us could only dream of doing. He traveled around the world with his new wife – writing and dreaming and doing – and shot his adventures as he went. This time abroad led him to open his eyes to so many more ideas and cultures than he had had the pleasure of being acquainted with before, and it breathed more emotion into his music. We got to check out his new music video for “Change the World”, which was partially shot on his adventures in Thailand. These are our thoughts.

First of all, the composition of the song is absolutely genius. The way that the piano and guitar are woven in together, the staccato notes that bring your heart rate up, and his deep, meaningful vocals are almost too much to handle. We are fully aware he’s been compared to amazing acts like Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, and Gavin DeGraw – who he has already opened for, mind you – and he is 110% worthy of that sort of hype. His lyrics about changing the world give us something to aspire to, and provide a refreshing look into what his mission is at present.

The video itself is gorgeous. His fun Go Pro footage is integral to the project, allowing us a peek into how he spent months and months of his life. The fact that he was able to weave in material tht focused on the people and their every day lives is a beautiful testament to the power of human communication and the importance of our interconnectedness. Of course, we’re extremely partial to the little globe shots that he captures (1:57), and the fact that there are scenes with multiple Tolans. (If only we all had clones to get two and three times the work done.)

This video is exceptional, unique, inspirational, and really fun to watch.

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