Used Cassettes, “Sergio Leone”

Post Author: Jessica Ourisman
Sergio Leone

South Korean garage band Used Cassettes premieres their brand new music video for “Sergio Leone” off their new album, Rock N Rills. The video presents like a “Quentin Tarantino Western-meets-Jackass” intro, which it basically is, as Blondie (Danny Arens) limps his way across the desert in search of Seoul.

In the (quite eloquent) words of Danny himself, “Used Cassettes pay homage to Sergio Leone with their new Kimchi Western. This blood-in-the-sand tale follows Blondie (Danny Arens) as he walks across the bone-dry-desert to the saloons of Seoul seeking revenge. But Angel Lies (played by Daniel Snoeks) has something else in mind. Co-starring Choiza, Sara Rickwa, Codye Lazear and Used Cassettes. Directed by Jonah Whipp and Used Cassettes. Rated R.”

These guys have great chemistry and a lot of personality, with a likeable, faux-serious vibe – and unmistakable star quality (hello, they were featured in a freaking comic book!). But it’s when the music starts that things really get interesting. Their sound is fresh, energetic and does not disappoint. Their music has the type of energy that you’ll want to keep listening to, and that you’ll definitely want to see a set of live. Plus, the understated vocals are a great way to place your focus on the music – something that happens far too seldom these days. Oh wait, that could also be because they don’t have a lead singer…

Have a listen, watch the video – it won’t surprise you that the international foursome has been met with unprecedented success in even the unlikeliest of places. 

**photo via Rie

So what’s the deal, guys, when are you heading stateside?