von Grey Cover Radiohead’s “Creep”

Post Author: Jessica Ourisman

They initially got our attention as a lifelong Radiohead-lovers, but when we heard “Forever Bound” and then “Katie” everything changed. Our favorite part — other than their velvety smooth amazingness and the unique twist they bring to their sound — is that you can tell that their personal style is somewhat subversive (hello, alt-rock perfection). But with their extensive classical training? What you get is an eclectic girl group mixed-up to perfection, pushing back against conventionality for one of the most original and pleasing sounding performances we’ve heard in a while. A long while.

Here’s what you can expect from von Grey: 4 girls (badasses). Cool style. Classically trained. An incredible amount of musical talent all in one room. Rich and uncommon musical diversity. Originality to the max, even in this cover. A truly unforgettable find.

If you love Radiohead, you have to listen to von Grey’s cover of “Creep.” It’s so, so cool. You’ll get to experience Radiohead in a brand new way and from an angle that was never intended. We never expected this — and we absolutely love it. Then again, we’ll do whatever it takes to get to enjoy ourselves some Radiohead.

Hearing your favorite part of “Creep” in an entirely different way is super interesting. It’s rewarding, too, for the way it lets you re-experience a Radiohead classic as if for the first time. Hearing a feminine vocalist makes the emphasis fall in different places and it just works perfectly. What a cool way to mix up!

But really, listen to Forever Bound to get a sense of the full range these eclectic newcomers have to offer. Or “Katie.” We LOVE. Girls, you seriously rock. What a find.