VOWS, “Councillor”

Brooklyn's VOWS have been engaging in the cold synths, embracing la nouvelle-vague-noir on their self-directed/filmed/edited video for "Councillor". Matt and Rizz get their knack for the experimental from their studies back home in Sydney, Australia, which introduced them to the methods and stylings of modern French cinema and poetry.

In the video for "Councillor", VOWS mix beauty, anguish, disappointment, attitude and the due process of powers with haute fashion and film school sensibilities. From rooftop terraces to gothic interiors, the art house avenues exude the exotic aesthetic oft reserved for promoting perfume and apparel brands of the top-shelf variety. VOWS shared the following words with us about the song's inspirational (and hierarchical) aristocratic air (heirs?) and the thrill of filming in a upstate New York castle:

Lyrically, "Councillor" is about power structures, manipulation and judgement. It was also partly inspired by the French Modernist poets of the nineteenth century. There was a dark, heavy energy about the industrial period which we wanted to capture in the video, so we shot in an old gothic castle in upstate New York. The air was cold and thick with history.

"Councillor" is on VOWS' self-titled EP available via Bandcamp.