VSTRS – Annmaria

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

The dessert tones that “Annmaria” brings us is unequivocally a thirst quencher. While viewing the music video, we sense a source of glamour while our souls plunge into a rock opera ballad.
This shoegazing cinematic psych that VSTRS induces isn’t your ordinary dose of daily music. This Detroit group formed originally as an improve/collaboration project between similar musicians that began in 2013. Just recently they put out the new single “Annmaria” the lead track for their second LP “Pandemonium Seesaw” that was released on November 4th. Written by Michael O’ Conner (Lead Guitar/Vocals) that also features the work of Eric Myers (Guitar), Dj Sovey (Bass),  Zach Pilska (Drums) and Katie Galazka (Vocals).
VSTRS talks to us about “Annmaria”,

“The motivation was to write something less stretched out/experimental & more simple & song-based.  Also, for my relationship – to remind it that the inside world is to be protected from the malaise of things very willing to tear it apart.”