Wall of Ears, "Floating Off The Line"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Seattle-based psychedelic pop collective Wall of Ears – comprised of Chris Lott, Tony Pettigrew, Bryant Hammonds, Derrick Wright, and Jon Ruseski – has released their vibrant, intricate lyric video for the track “Floating Off the Line”, and we’ve got your first look. The video mirrors lyrics at times, with neon colors almost bouncing off the screen (“when the skyline falls in the neon lights, everybody wants to dance”). It was made to look like a VHS tape pulled from the 90s, with typeface that moves a bit and lines in the visuals that make it feel old.
The head dress doesn’t feel out of place at all, which is a particularly wonderful fact.
The band explains, “In an instant, everything can change, your house could flood, a car could crash through your walls, you wake up one day a totally different person. Our human perception has evolved to be very fluid in this capitalist worldview that’s forced upon us. We’re all trying to realize our dreams in a frenetic rush while we still occupy a human vessel.”

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