Watch SALES play three songs in summerland

Post Author: NM Mashurov

There’s an ineffable sort of magic to SALES—chill but weird, delicate but sassy. Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih write songs on two guitars, driven by conversational lyrics, easygoing, perfectly catchy melodies, and Morgan’s lilting voice. SALES make music that transports listeners to summers and sunsets, so it’s fitting that in this three-part session, directed and shot by Josef Lorenzo, they go there visually.

These aren’t typical sessions, mostly in that they’re mobile. The Orlando duo plays “Vow”, “Chinese New Year”, and “Renee”, while wandering through a park, hanging out by a soccer field, taking selfies on the gulf at sunset, playing truth or dare, telling the story of the mythical “renee,” and ordering pizza, all in dreamy Wonder Years hues.