Premiere: Wimps, “Repeat”

Seattle three piece Wimps help break the cyclical patterns with the debut of the title track ,"Repeat" off their recent released album of the same name from End of Time Records. Directed by bassist Matt Nyce formerly of the disbanded Meth Teeth, who joins his partners in repetitive cycle breakers, Rachel Ratner of Butts and Dave Ramm of The Intelligence, who all continue to break the norms ever since they told us to "Stop Having Fun".

Matt throws shapes, symbols, classic album covers, vintage buttons, obscure logos, random icons, to collage patchworks digitally Mod Podged over a high definition capture of the trio playing in front of alabaster sheets. A video to watch in slow motion in order to catch every superposed image flashed on the screen, you could spend a few days following the flashing foray of images that break the monotony Rachel sings about and Matt reiterates in shouted chants. "When, your, life, seems, stuck, on, repeat, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep (repeat)".

While "Repeat" clocks in at the pop proper two and a half minute mark, Dave, Matt, and Rachel would like to remind you that this video contains no less than 5,500 images of just a few of the group's favorite things. Between the crescent moon and burger time thematic images, you could write a college thesis on modernist semiotics reordered and rearranged in the post-modern, broken record machine of our current era. "Ever think like, you've done it before, it's broken, you've done it before, and it feels like, you're stuck here again, it's broken, you're stuck here again". Even when you're having one of those days where it feels like as Rachel suggests, "each day is the same as the next"; the smart repetition stirs up a free and fun Groundhog Day you hope will never end. The album Repeat and title track were made in the spirit to break the monotony by inducing a welcomed dadaist punk déjà vu with a rapid display of visual supplements to make your daily "eat and sleep" routine a tad bit more tolerable.

The debut Wimps album Repeat is available now from End of Time Records on vinyl and digital.