XMeKate, “Cigarettes”

Post Author: Katey Stoetzel

From Los Angeles, XMeKate, an electro pop/alternative artist, debuts the music video for “Cigarettes,” produced by Marina and the Diamonds’ Andres Rebellon.

Both the song and the video work in tandem to create a personal story, one that rings with emotional truth. Kate’s powerful yet vulnerable vocals show a certain kind of strength and maturity that’s difficult to find in other artists. The natural light of the video also creates the perfect intimate setting for those vulnerabilities to shine through. I’ll let Kate explain the rest to you.

I wrote this song from the perspective of the first girl that ever cheated on me as a sort of therapy to get over the situation. The concept behind the video is me realizing I’ve been cheated on by the girl that I’m in love with. Much like what was happening while I wrote the song, the video shows me running through thoughts and scenarios of how the cheating came to fruition. Although a painful event it was important to me that video reflect even if slightly, the concept behind the two eps as well. Which plays with love and loss. Although the loss of that relationship was painful it was nothing like what I was about to experience with the loss of my mother, which is why you can see an older version of myself at the end of the song ‘the girl in the green jacket’ walking away from my younger self (me throughout the video). It serves as a sort of symbol to show that this song is on a timeline of events and that everything we overcome prepares us for future experiences.

Check out the video, and look for XMeKate’s debut EP February 17, 2017.