Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers, “Starvation Hour”

For Philly’s Zilla Rocca its about getting the whole pie amongst his Wrecking Crew and if you’re not down, then you’ll understand the sentiment of the song title, “Starvation Hour”.

Filmed in black and white, “Starvation Hour” has the noir vibe Zilla & the Shadowboxers first brought to Neo Noir mixtape and continue to live within on No Vacation For Murder. Zilla and his crew mate Curly Castro are the last living rappers in Philly as the backdrop to the video is empty streets and abandoned warehouses. The competitive spirit of the rap community is taken to its post-apocalyptic demise on “Starvation Hour” as Zilla raps “we’re all connected like an oceanic flight crash”, but in the mind of Zilla the competition lacks the iron and niacin to sit at his table.

Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers’ No Vacation For Murder is out now on Three Dollar Pistol and iTunes. Stream the full album here.