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Adam Green is about to release his sixth solo record since the dissolution of The Moldy Peaches. Truthfully, I had not been paying attention, but I picked up the slack at possibly his finest release.

Minor Love is Adam Green's and producer Noah Georgeson's (Joanna Newsom, Devendra Barnhart) attempt to make a 70's folk rock record. As a recent obsessor over Lou Reed solo records and a past obsessor over Iggy Pop's Lust For Life, this record feels like walking into a stranger's apartment and all of your furniture is there.

Green was recently featured in Vogue alongside Vampire Weekend, MGMT and Chester French, which makes me want to vom. But each time I listen to “What Makes Him Act So Bad,” the nauseau subsides. Amidst the dozens of bands trying to be all White Light/White Heat and wreck our auditory senses, Green seems to be the first to pursue mature and serene Loaded era.

Adam Green's Minor Love is out February 16 on Fat Possum.

Adam Green, “What Makes Him Act So Bad”