Apes on permanent-sounding “mini-break”

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[Amanda Kleinman and Breck Brunson of Apes performed in St. Louis]

According to their Myspace blog, maintained by keyboardist Amanda Kleinman, Apes are “on a mini-break” that has three of the four members currently “in a very cool new music project that at this point remains nameless.” Given the amount of words devoted to various subjects in this holiday post, any sentiments of regret seem to be weighing in against Kleinman's excitement over having health insurance and a real job as an 8th grade teacher at a school she'd earlier noted uses motivational phrases that are grammatically incorrect. (For these and other amusing quips: go to the blog!) She closes the post saying, “I know now why we never got big or even close to big. I know why we were never ever cool, even in our small little world. Because we are so not cool.
And that is just fine.”

We would only be speculating about the permanence of the break if it weren't for a recent effort to interview their third and latest frontman, Breck Brunson, who noted succinctly that “The Apes are done and I am in full pursuit of many other projects.” Also, their website is completely down.

Anxiously awaiting what D.C.'s best are up to in the near future, other than reading Tom Sawyer and learning the quadratic formula.