ÄTNA – “Hiatus”

German duo returns with leftfield alt-pop single

German duo ÄTNA, comprised of Inéz and Demian, return with “Hiatus,” their latest journey into leftfield alt-pop with incredible nuance. Known for their avant-garde approach to alt-pop, the Dresden-based artists continue to push boundaries with this enigmatic synth-driven track. The artist explains that “’Hiatus’ brings together the sunlit energy of ‘Summer Jam’ with the irresistible groove of ‘Sexual Healing,’ inviting you to bask in a moment that feels like an escape into a musical oasis.”

Fans of CHVRCHES and Georgia will find “Hiatus” an instant gem. The song is characterized by its lush synths and inventive soundscapes, which ebb and flow with an effortless creativity. It merges the sunlit energy reminiscent of a “summer jam” with the sultry groove akin to “Sexual Healing,” creating an auditory experience.

The track is a testament to ÄTNA’s ability to craft music that transcends conventional pop. Their sound is a blend of opaque electronics and billowing pop textures, resulting in a piece that is as artful as it is catchy. This release hints at the promise of their forthcoming album this autumn, setting high expectations for what’s to come. Give it a spin below: