Buy rare Deerhunter, Black Lips, Jay Reatard, share in searing pain of regret

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[He played in Deerhunter and all he got was this box of old records.]

We once got excited because we found Bradford Cox's ebay account. It wasn't a slow day, we just really like Bradford Cox and ebay. This doesn't quite top that moment, but we take what we get:

From an ebay account:

my name is paul and i am using my neighbor's account to sell this awesome box of shit i found moving out of the house i have lived in with the past 3 years with the rock band deerhunter. i used to be in deerhunter with my friend dan, we were the first two people to quit or get kicked out of the band. dan named it.

He's selling a box of rare 7-inches, 45's, t-shirts, photographs and cassettes of both Deerhunter and Bradford Cox's creative work in the early oughts, as well as some early work from the Black Lips and a 7-inch “given to [him] by a coked up, yet, pleasant jay reatard and smiling alix before their show.”

Buy it for a cool $200 and help him move on to bigger and brighter things, far from the pit of self-loathing and regret that daily dog his existence as the dude who quite and/or got kicked out of Deerhunter before everyone in the band got to shake Trent Reznor's hand.