CMJ Friday: Interviews with Yeasayer, Witchcraft, Islands

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We've been pointing microphones at people's faces left and right. When we get bored with that we point our microphones at dogs and inanimate objects. Here's a sampling of all three from interviews we're compiling for a video site that we'll be throwing up on the interweb in the next few weeks.


Talked to Yeasayer, who we found out listened to The Police and the Beastie Boys in 1994 and agree that the one journalist who compared them to Genesis might be right. We're going on the record on this one: Yeasayer are good people. They're MADE OF PEOPLE.

Jamie Thompson + Nick Thorburn

After the Islands show we caught former Unicorn Jamie Thompson in the crowd and grilled him for answers about his nine hundred current projects. Then we talked to Nick Thorburn and found out he's making a comic book and that after years of stone cold grimacing, your face gets stuck that way.


“We don't really care about American politics.” After a night jumping from one end of lower Manhattan to the other we settled into the warm blanket of aural mutilation at Death by Audio's metal show featuring Danava and Witchcraft. We talked to some of the dudes in Witchcraft about how they're not a metal band and the day Cliff Burton died.