Company Flow's Funcrusher Plus re-issued (again)

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Since you're my special friend, come closer for a special treat…

I recall geeking out when Rawkus (boo-urns) re-issued Company Flow's seminal LP debut Funcrusher Plus. This might have been the last time I was at a record store on a Tuesday with a definitive purchase on my mind.

Out of print since 2006, Definitive Jux has remastered this certified classic album, available May 5th on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. The digital release of Funcrusher Plus will include the rare pre-1995 tracks “Juvenile Techniques” and “Corners 94”, as well as the last post-Funcrusher Plus songs “Simple”, “DPA”, and “Simian Drugs”. I wonder if “Juvenile Techniques” will still have El-P dropping the n-bomb?

It will be presented in its original artwork both by the late great Matt Do and the now legendary artist EWOK. It better still have the legendary photo of El-P shooting the bird with the tag “Independent As F*ck.”

For anyone that isn't up on Company Flow, let me take you back to a pre-internet hip hop community, before it was exhausting to hear a rapper spit an album's worth of braggadocio and punchlines. Before Rawkus built us up and crushed us our boom bap hearts:

Company Flow, “The Fire In Which You Burn” (feat. Breezly Brewin & J-Treds)

Blake Gillespie's Top 5 “Fire In Which You Burn” Quotables:
1. “Laverne's gear shows your record, so unless your hoe's butt naked, you's a loser.”
2. “I'm the living circle, circle, dot, dot nobody can touch me.”
3. “Because on the mic I've got more presence in attendence than a class of schizophrenics. Here! Here!”
4. “Catch a smack to the face on principle / Even when I say nothing its a beautiful use of negative space / Indelibles is invincible.”
5. “Coming at you in a blazing orange hunting vest thirty yard night scope / first day of deer hunting, you got scoped out like the foreign”