Ducktails sell out

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These days, can't knock two mp3 blogs together and not send a bunch of Ducktails posts skittering under the couch. Those who make and bake tapes love this particular strain of silky, psychy sound that veers like a drunken calypso parade towards both noise and drone but always seems to come out as an ode to pop, and they've had plenty of vinyl and cassette releases to feed on in the past year or so.

But this is where Ducktails Sell Out: the group recently came out with their most accomplished and coherent collection to date with their self-titled full-length on Not Not Fun, printed on vinyl in a series of 600. This thing is huge (in that soft, lilting sort of way), gorgeous, and a step towards a wider audience. We're eagerly awaiting disgruntled message board snobs making animated gifs showing ducks doing inappropriate things with tails.

Ducktails, “Beach Point Pleasant”

Ducktails, “Daily Vacation”

Buy the thing at Not Not Fun.