Fake indies join forces, get cheesier

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[Above: Steve Aoki with that girl from D.E.B.S.]

Another Monday morning with dog shit on the carpet but everything's been rainbows over here at Impose HQ since we learned about the match made in heaven that is Downtown Music and Dim Mak Records. Unlike people with standards, we're not stupid enough to think that the word “indie” has anything to do with being “independent” from the music industry. So with our sights firmly lowered to the plodding march of commercialism, we throw our two drops of unholy water towards the christening of this underwhelming union.

Dim Mak is semi-responsible for Bloc Party's presence in US record stores and it's run by Steve Aoki, the guy who built a party reputation in Los Angeles, the town with the most famous of his dad's Benihana restaurant chains. The boutique label will now receive marketing support and distribution via ADA (Alternative Distribution Alliance) in conjunction with its new alliance with Downtown.

While Downtown records is responsible for great “indie” acts like Spank Rock and Art Brut, don't forget that Downtown Music Publishing has rights to “over 1,000” titles through Warner featuring the likes of 50 Cent and Aretha Franklin.

With unions like these, the distinction between “indies” and majors slips further into gesture: join a major, and you're a sell out. Join Downtown, or now, Dim Mak, and get the commercial benefits without the trendspotter hate. Here's to many happy years of calling things independent when they're just “indie”.