Garage strikes again: Brilliant Colors

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[Glimpse at the vague forms that represent the band Brilliant Colors. Photo by David Armstrong]

Considering that we're experiencing a full-frontal new wave of lo-fi music, this time in the guise of another era of garage music (Do these come every decade? Who gets to be Stephen Merritt? Stephen Merritt?), it's not fair to conflate bands with similar aesthetics, even if they're all being sucked piece-mail into the big hype monitor in the sky (no, that's what it's called, and it's true: Rolling Stone covered San Francisco-based Brilliant Colors already.

All were saying's don't compare every lo-fi girl group to Vivian Girls just cuz that band's bigger, hotter, more blissed out. Give these girls some love: compare them to Mika Miko, too, since the Los Angeles ladies have at least 18 months on the Girls in national notoriety, as well as that punkier 'tude you can sometimes detect in the Color's hazy, mid-tempo jams. (What the hell, add Cause Co-Motion! into the sounds-like mix for good measure.)

Track from self-titled 7″ on
Brilliant Colors, “Should I Tell You”

Track from “Highly Evolved” 7″ on Captured Tracks
Brilliant Colors, “Highly Evolved”

Hey, it looks like Pukekos made an mp3 zip of both Brilliant Color's vinyl releases last week here, for those of you seeking all the other tracks.