Hollow Man: Transient Surroundings

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the cover for Hollow Man: Transient Surroundings

First off, Happy New Year! I hope everyone is doing well.

Now to this knob turning weirdo from New Jersey. Hollow Man is a one-man smorgasboard of borrowed sounds, synth arpeggios, mixer feedback squelch and a whole host of other shit that all together borders many sub-genres of experimental music while not being able to be pinned down to a single one.

The cool thing about this tape and project are how fluidly seemingly disparate genres blend together. There are paranoid landscapes of manipulated sound collage and brutal noise channeling, washed out, light drones and highly infectious synth lines. They seem to blend in and out of each other, but the little moments that segue them together are where the real gold is at. At one point, what seems like an organ is laying down a grooving riff while some distant strings orbit around it. It slowly funnels out into a hyperkinetic feedback line, but the moments that all three sounds are blending is just sublime.

So yeah, very thoughtful, unique and diggable music by this guy. If you're tired of the same-old same-old in the experimental world give this dude a listen. If you're in the greater New York area check out some of the shows he puts on and if you're in LA buy this tape from Echo Curio.

You can sample some songs from this tape and purchase via the Hollow Man myspace page.