In search of the greatest double rainbow response in the universe

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Now that double rainbows no longer refer to light refracting from two different angles of condensation, we can focus on what's important: Finding the quintessential auto-tuned remix.

It's not really about picking the best house and disco beats cleverly matched to the smarty pants who not only taped his mushroom trip (breaking the first rule of mushroom trips), but also shared it with everyone (not even in the rule book). It's about who buried his head deepest up the asshole of this meme, such that taken abstractly, it could in itself become it's own double-retarded rainbow meme, in the event that the first meme that triggered the head-up-it's-meme-asshole response never happened. This is a paradox. Don't worry about it.

So what fits the bill, you wonder, in amazement?

It's not the classic auto-tuned double rainbow:

Nor is it those auto-tune the news people's version:

Nor is it the person who knows how to apply auto-tune, but was too lazy to add a song:

It's not even this abstract Dan Deacon-knocked off “Yosemitebear remix”, which is actually kind of great:

Note: It is not only possible to try too hard, but very common:

It is also possible to try just the right amount to convince everyone that you are taking yourself seriously when you cover the auto-tune the news people's version with your Justin Bieber haircut. (Very uncomfortable) win:


In the end, just be thankful that every viral moment erases a small part of the past. We will need all the help we can get to forget the significance of what used to happen under double rainbows. God help us all. (Soo NSFWHOAAA*):

*Not safe for work, home, or anywhere, absolutely anywhere.