Jimmy Fallon's TuSpock

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(Nick Graham walks into post, puts on Hater's smoking jacket; begins typing.)

I'm not one of those newbie Fallon haters. I've come up in the game with my hatred of the man and now I'm sitting on the throne of Fallon Haterism with this latest showing from the chuckling, nervous little shit:

Do you get it? He's Spock, and also a gangster rapper, at the same time! Because it's 1995.

Really, tvsquad.com?:

Hopefully this sort of intelligent, subversive humor will be the rule for Fallon and not the exception. If he keeps up with sketches like this one, I may have to catch his show sometime.

Intelligent, and subversive: Fallon and crew assert boldly that Spock exists, and that a movie about Star Treck was released recently, and have put a scholarly spin on the phenomenon by placing the pointy-eared Vulcan in question into a hot tub loaded with women. It's that kind of humor that can go right over your head if you're not careful.

Black Thought's talent still shines through on this, though, despite everything working against him. But we are calling him Tariq now? No more rap name? You know, this is the same time slot that used to house a character named Masturbating Bear, but I suppose calling an African American rapper “Black Thought”, the name he has gone by with The Roots for almost twenty years, is too offensive for America to tolerate. Thanks for protecting us, NBC.

Many of us have held our breath hoping for Jimmy Fallon to get it: he's brand new to this gig, it's a hard format to learn and Conan was awful for a long time after he first started. But Conan was a writer with little on-camera experience. Fallon's starred in movies, SNL, stand up; he should be doing better than he is. I wish him the best, but I fucking hate him and this skit.

(Nick Graham removes Hater's smoking jacket, sips brandy, exits post.)