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Koi Pond have a few anti-gravity funk jams influenced by the dark side of Neptune waiting to be plucked from their MySpace page. Here is a side project that turns out to be a central node for a lot of busy artists. The roster includes Arik Roper, a man deserving of not only a Wikipedia page for his art, but also a member of Matta Llama, a band with an album out on Ecstatic Peace!. Pete Vogl of Bow Ribbons. David Aron, who plays drums in another nascent project called USUN with Rob Barber and Soft Circle's Hisham Bharoocha (formally of Lightning Bolt and Black Dice) and collaborations with people like Lucky Dragons. Yeah, more on USUN later. For now, enjoy two tracks as crisp and cold as a party of stranded Rugby players in the icy extremities of the Andes:

Koi Pond,”Supramundane”

[Download it]

Koi Pond,”Wheel Turning Monarch”

[Download it]