Listen: Parenthetical Girls, “A Song For Ellie Greenwich”

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I saw the Parenthetical Girls open for Los Campesinos a few months ago, winning me over with clever quips between songs about the sound man and an insistence on only using the strobe light effect for one song to induce seizures… oh, and the music was rewarding too.

Entanglements is a suitable title for Parenthetical Girls' debut[Update: Yeah, what? Apologies. Third album.]. Frontman Zac Pennington's whimsical musings are twisted into threads of rich orchestration on sneak peak “A Song For Ellie Greenwich”, a song that I would imagine represents the imaginative narrative of the record. From the oboe solo to the muffled cymbal stabs in the breakdown, Parenthetical Girls here build anticipation for a lush record that overflows with dreamy production.

Entanglements will be released on September 9, 2008 on CD, LP, and digital formats via Tomlab.

Parenthetical Girls, “A Song For Ellie Greenwich”

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