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Los Angeles' Warm Climate is kind of like the Heisenberg uncertainty principle: it's impossible to measure it as drone because avant jazz horns will suddenly come into focus, and when you're about to pin it down Marc Bolan glam-folk subsumes into jingling bells and the sound of geese raping and pillaging. Maybe it's what Guided by Voices was for rock fans fifteen or twenty years ago, except way weirder. And it's incredibly refreshing: so many cassette releases seem hung up on presenting a unified front (often one that caters in a few varieties of static), but the man behind this project, Seth Kasselman, doesn't seem to carry any of those preoccupations. Plus he sings like David Bowie without an ego. The tape came out on Stunned but it's since sold out. Bum out.

Warm Climate, “Motion Picks Glaze”

Warm Climate, “Edible Homes & Gardens/Synth Pads for Homeless”

Warm Climate Discography
Calculate the Greatness CDR, RBCA, 2000
Avalanche Lectures CDR, RBCA, 2001
Of Home CDR, RBCA, 2001
Lame Park CDR, RBCA, 2004
Earth and its Resources split CDR EP w/ Cantus Firmus, RBCA, 2005
Forced Spring for Rising Tide CD, RBCA, 2006
Agnomen 1 CDR,Obsolete Units, 2006
Circle Dub / Regrettable Form CDR, Phantom Limb, 2007
Timid Festival: A Collection of Field Recordings CDR, RBCA, 2007
Mangler Redbeard CDR, RBCA, 2008
Live at Dangerous Curve CDR, RBCA, 2008
Theories and Realities (collab w/ Sleepwalkers Local) CDR, Phantom Limb, 2008
Dub Preludes / Clarinet Solos C60 tour cassette, RBCA, 2008
Edible Homes C42, Stunned, 2009