M-I-C-K-E-Y… N-S-F-W

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It was just the other day that Machine Head planned to kick off their Live Nation (Clear Channel) North American tour at the Disney-owned House of Blues in Anaheim. Stop looking down the page, we're not finished here. Little did they know that the powers that be disapprove. Citing “violent imagery, undesirable fans and inflammatory lyrics,” the family-loving corporation firmly put its foot down, since we all know it's still 1984 and metal is destroying the very fabric of American values. Plus, Machine Head fans are ugly. Sorry, “undesirable”.

Machine Head, meet Vanessa Hudgens. This is what Disney means by “desirable” (Click it for um more details):

Ms. Hudgens struts her little legs across our TVs on Disney's own High School Musical, and as you can see here, thanks to her boyfriend and costar Zack Efron, she's also a budding model!

What's that Disney? No chance you'll be firing Hudgens for posing in her bush? Tell a budding 13 year old boy this isn't violent imagery. Hopefully the double standards don't give The Rock any ideas.