Monster Rally, Coral LP

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monster rally coral lp

We called an earlier Monster Rally release one of the best free ones of
2010, and here's a contender for sticking to our ears through 2011. The instinct Monster Rally rides on the Coral LP is one of the more positive, forward-motions in music at this moment.

Channeling the same scrappy sampling sentiments as Al Lover, Monster Rally unearths the underground wells that birthed hip hop and made unforgivable monsters of the DJ Shadows of the world. But Monster Rally's on a gentle mission. No dance floors will be cleared by some misunderstanding between the green vinyl this new LP is coming out on next week and a well-meaning DJ: this is home grown, home-friendly music that will be your surrogate sun in midwinter, and your heat wave when the season turns and you don't need a coat to get out of bed to use the bathroom. (Shut up LA, just enjoy this all year round in the shade.)

Pre-order the sea foam green LP from Gold Robot Records here.

Thanks for the heads up from yvynyl.