Montreal's latest quasi-supergroup… eh?

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Featuring Alden Penner (ex-Unicorns) and Brendan Reed (ex-Arcade Fire), Clues has a handle on that tell-tale brew of Montreal indie, with quirky turns of phrase, falsetto vocal breakdowns, and the occasional killer hook. Or is that just indie rock at large. For Clues, there are a whole bunch of melodic turns that harken straight back to Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? This is no Frog Eyes-meets-Destroyer-meets-Wolf-Parade indie blog drool fest, but maybe because of that very fact, the duo sound like they're trying a lot harder to make a progressive series of bangers. Montreal's been on the map too long for that, maybe. Should have said they were from Ottawa or Reed's hometown Williamsburg, Virginia so all us blog-types could envision some untapped city shimmering with a sceney aura.

Clues, “Haarp