New virtual 7″ from Atlas Sound

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Bradford Cox releases two new mp3s under his Atlas Sound moniker.

“Virtual 7″” definitely sounds a lot snazzier than “new song,” for sure. This was just posted on the Deerhunter/Atlas Sound blog.

“Maybe Logic” roles in as if it might try to blitz the World music thing but some sort of sine mutilation and pitch-bending bliss interrupts the quarter-toned warblings that introduced Cox's treated mutterings. It's some top-notch nob twiddling, perhaps through a tortured mixer, or a plastic synth.

“Airedales” enters on a similar southern breeze that could be the sound of 8-bit marimbas, or some form of ear opiates released quietly into your atmosphere, exiting three-minutes later at the same even, unperturbed pace.

Atlas Sound, “Maybe Logic”


Maybe Logic Virtual 7″ tracks

01 Maybe Logic
02 Airedales