Newish: STATS, Marooned EP

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Self-describing as “prog-punk”, Brooklyn's STATS play tangled, precise guitar rock instrumentals somewhere around the fulcrum of math rock and metal. Slippery arpeggios and sudden timing shifts abound, as each extended track winds unpredictably to its destination. Unsurprisingly, they've shared the stage with similarly technical guitar bands like Ocrilim and Behold… the Arctopus, and share members with Extra Life (bassist Tony Gedrich), Hexa (guitarist Joe Petrucelli), and, in the past, Aa (drummer Hank Shteamer). Their new EP, Marooned, is better than both hit Barenaked Ladies album Maroon AND Maroon 5. Here it is in full:

STATS, “Yo King”

Stats, “Sadcap”

Stats, “Crowds Press”

(Get a download of all three tracks by contacting the band directly: )