Noelle Tannen, “Proof”

Now, more than ever, we’re all in need of some soul with a message. Enter NOLA-based artist Noelle Tannen who just blessed music lovers everywhere with a new single, “Proof.”

The lovely mix of jazz, pysch and soul comes packed with a powerful message, but the effervescent instrumentals and Tannen’s undeniable vocals will have you feeling inspired to tackle your next challenge head on.

“‘Proof’ is a song about the constant struggle many women face of having to prove ourselves and work extra hard just for people to take us seriously,” Tannen shares. “It’s about how exhausting that struggle can be. However, the song is supposed to portray a motivational message. Let’s keep on working hard, but while doing so, not to forget about the beauty of life and the earnestness in creation. Let’s not allow the haters to get in the way! We got this ladies.”

Stream Noelle Tannen’s “Proof” and look for more from the artist here.