Peaking Lights, “Hi Lo”

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Sway back and forth with Peaking Lights' new single “Lo Hi”. The first leaky drip off of their upcoming LP for Mexican Summer/Weird World, Lucifer, “Lo Hi” at first celebrates a digitally exact idea of a funky bassline. Then comes a mid-level keyboard stroke and a few high-end dubby synth tones before Indra Dunis starts singing. The beat is slow for the entirety of the seven-minute track; like the tracks on last year's incredible 936, it's easy to envision EXACTLY how you could have a really intense sexual experience while this record was playing. But, then, at the halfway point, there's a new sample: a baby's crying and cooing. Stop. Rewind the sex vision. Make sure a condom is applied. Continue as before.

Lucifer comes out June 18/19 and has a really beautiful cover, above. You can hear a really cool Peaking Lights mix here if this seven minutes wasn't enough time for you to finish what you need to do.