Serengeti & Matthewdavid's Davis tape

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Serengeti keeps fine company when it comes to producers, particularly ones we don't think of immediately when it comes to rap beats. His Family & Friends record put the names Yoni Wolf of Why? and Owen Ashworth (as Advance Base) of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone back in our mouths and minds, despite our attempts to write them off as too weird or sooo middle of the last decade.

Geti joined forces with Leaving Records' Matthewdavid to form the group Davis for an ultra-limited cassette release. With only 200 copies pressed, this is a collector's item for fans of either artist. The track “Levert” is a premo sales pitch for Davis as Matthewdavid's busy industrialized r&b is a manic fuss, but not overly cluttered and interfering with enjoying Geti lines like “shit can happen quick like attacks from a cougar” and “the fastest fish in the sea might be the tuna / trivial trivia from the late bloomer / shit can be slowed, then bam big kahuna.” If the remaining 16 minutes of the tape are on par with “Levert” or there more songs named after 90s R&B singers, we suggest not waiting for that rent check to clear to purchase Davis.

Davis, “Levert”

Davis is available now through Leaving Records. Expect a digital release on October 11.