So I got this weird Brett Favre mug

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Does anyone know where it came from? Is it worth anything?

Somehow I came into the possession of a coffee mug circa the late-80s or early-90s featuring Brett Favre and what one can only assume is a girlfriend or wife (or sister? Does he have a sister?). How do I know it's from the late-80s or early-90s you ask? Just check out the blazer and bangs on the chick. The freaky part about it is that this is no store bought, Green Bay Packers memorabilia. It looks to be one of those mall kiosk jobs, where someone transferred a home photo of the NFL great onto a .99-cent mug, and somehow it ended up in my kitchen.

So I open it up to the world forum; does anyone out there know where it came from? Is it really a one-time crappy Christmas present from the future Hall of Famer to a family member? Is this some sort of practical joke? Maybe someone came across this photo and had millions made up. Or maybe — just maybe — I'm holding a one-of-a-kind gem (in that case, I should stop drinking coffee out of it).