Tonstartssbandht covers Parson Sound

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Tonstartssbandht's  Parson Sounds tape

It seems for every full length Tonstartsbandht drop there is a nice c20 waiting in the wings to swoop in shortly afterward.

We had Water Buffalos showing us the tape loop side of the band and
Maihama giving us an exercise in looped voices and vocal harmonies.
Now, they give us Parson Sounds which sounds like… Parson Sound.

That's right. A c20 of Parson Sound covers by a band whose psychedelic
garage rocking is right up their alley. Features minimal covers of “It's
Only Love” and “Sov Gott Rose Marie” on one side and “Tio Minuter” and “Beautiful
Crystal” on the other. The vocal accompaniments work perfectly for
Tonstarts and they get to flex their instrumental muscles on this tape,
taking Parson Sound's down-tempo psychedelics and punctuated hard rock
jamming and shoving it through their own blend of damaged garage sound.

Awesome shit. The tape is available next week on Black Cheeks.

Black Cheeks and Tonstartssbandht on Myspace, where you can buy and peruse the catalog.

Check out the tape.