Vote for Team Robespierre to be on MTV

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With the odds humorously stacked against them, Team Robespierre was tossed (at the bottom of the list) into this week's running for their video to be shown on an MTV thing called The Freshmen against some industry hacks and, as the post explains, “Lonely Dear (or Loney Dear as it is often spelled [by the band, and everyone else]).” Better yet, the college kid who's indentured to write about the nominees harbors a crush on one of them (“Is this boy sexy or what?!”) and surmises that “synth-y beats are 'in' right now,” but that ultimately Team Robespierre's “just not for me.”

While you wrap your head around the decision-making process that nominates bands for a viewer's poll and then editorializes on them shamelessly, you can refresh 'n' vote all day for the only artists on the list who made their record and their video without a real budget, let alone some cheesy industry hook up.

But y'know, we put out Team Robespierre's record. We're biased.

Vote here.